A Consummate Professional Dedicated to the Creative Planning & Delivery of Incredible Experiences

Joe Buckle is an experienced and trusted consultant and adviser to an exclusive clientele of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, groups and families, utilizing in-depth experience gained from working very closely with Royalty, world leading athletes, high-profile celebrity, billionaire, entrepreneur and CEO.

Joe works 1:1 with clients adapting to serve their individual needs and specific requests, advising appropriate course of action thorough understanding and acute attention-to-detail.

In the capacity of Project Manager, Joe is the leader of a dedicated team of professional Facilitators, who form the Special Projects Team. A motivated task driven, solution-orientated group of subject matter experts including former UK, Australian and South African Special Forces personnel working together with leading VIP Lifestyle and International Travel & Hospitality consultants formulate reliable, creative, strategic plans to accomplish any given tasks: Hospitality, Travel, Adventure, Events, Security, Investigation, Safety or other Special Projects.

The diversity of our clients´ requests, and their profile in terms of net worth, connections, social network, political influence, nationality, interests and passions, has provided us with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and a global contact network. We have the capability to find fast, efficient, local global solutions to any given client request at destinations right around the World.

Joe specializes in providing assistance for clients living their ‘Life Without Limits’. For this reason, our Head Office is located on the Island of Ibiza, where Joe was a pioneer in VIP services and private concierge. On the island he is widely acknowledged as an expert in first class service delivery who strives to constantly raise service standards through quality assurance, training, supervision and strong leadership of each special project that he manages.